For a novice user, cyber security may sound a nerdy term but it impacts almost everyone, and most of us has our own valid reasons to worry about cyber security. It includes a lot of stuff but I will be talking about following topics which hits everyday user and there are proven ways to fight it.


Cover the base first


First and foremost a good antivirus is a must, It can make a very big difference in your cyber security. From my personal experience a lot of computer freezing, crashing and scamming related problems start from simple pop ups to install an unsolicited program. On this advice, the most common question I get is which one to buy I suggest, Norton, MacAfee, Eset, Trend Micro, they all work very good I personally choose the cheapest of these,yes cheapest. Note: From last few years Antivirus companies have segregated their products to different category what you need minimum is “Internet Security”.


Beware of online scams


This one is hottest in cyber crime world now days, today scammers are very creative they might call you as tax inspector with your proper details or Technical support from Microsoft or call from your ISP to fix your internet connection.  The latest is Google Doc sharing scam, and how this works is you will receive an email from possibly a known person who has shared a google doc with you and upon clicking on that link it will take you to google login and ask you to enter your credentials.


Encrypt your drives and backups


Another pro tip is to secure your data by encryption. It is easy to use and free with newer operating systems. For those users who don’t know what is encryption? In layman’s language suppose your computer or backup drive is in wrong hands they can simply connect your drive to their computer and access your files but if your drive is encrypted your files are of no use them because they can’t read it. For full logical explanation of encryption read another article on encryption.


Lock your phone.


Lots of people don’t realize how much information can someone steal from your phone and misuse it to what extent. From my personal experience where people have shared their identity details, ID proofs, credit card details, account password with others using their phones all this can lead to identity theft, financial losses or even frauds. The most basic and effective measure you can take to protect you phone is always keep your phone password protected. Since this is quite hot topic soon we will release a detailed article on mobile security keep an eye on


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