Virus Issues

  • Virus slowing down your computer
  • Spyware trying to steal information
  • Ransomware asking for money
  • Adware, advertisement popups every where
  • Crypto virus, files not accessible due to encryption.
  • Trojan horse corrupted your files


Laptop Issues

  • Broken screen replacement.
  • Laptop not starting, blank screen issue
  • Overheating issue
  • Keyboard, touch pad not working
  • Simple upgrades like ram and hard drives
  • Broken Hinges, Power Socket issues
  • Slow laptop, general tune ups, freezing, crashing laptop
  • Data backup, migration, antivirus, software installation
  • Computer issues


Computer Issues

  • Extremely slow computer, virus issues
  • General tune ups, clean up, reboot issues
  • Memory, hard drive, general upgrades
  • Files, programs migration to new PC, data recovery
  • PC not starting, beeping issues, blue screen issue
  • Part replacement , CPU, DVD drives, power supply
  • New computer setup, antivirus setup, backup setup


 IPad, Tablets, Smart Phones

  • New setup, emails, accounts, backup
  • Broken screen replacements
  • Wi-Fi, internet, connectivity issues
  • Errors, slow devices


Every day Technology

  • Printer, scanner setup
  • TV, music system setup
  • Data storage, backup setup, data recovery
  • Antivirus, security, parental control


Internet, Network, Wi-Fi issues

  • New internet connection, wireless setup
  • Slow Wi-Fi issues, internet dropouts
  • Poor Wi-Fi range issues, range extender
  • General network issues, securing Wi-Fi
  • Messy cabling solutions, Wi-Fi password resets
  • Network file sharing, network printer issue, CCTV setup