Word “Smart” Has Emerged Quite Smartly in Last Few Years Like: Smart house, smart watch, smart phone, smart TV, smart music system, smart air con and smart lights, smart security systems and yes few homes have smart windows too.  All this smart technology is not so smart if you don’t have strong and smart Wi-Fi in place. Since this has become a common problem in past few years following tips can surely help you.


Right Spot: Yes, believe it or not this most basic tip can make the most drastic change in your reception. So how to choose the right spot. The idea is try to keep your router in middle of your house and as high as possible so house hold stuff doesn’t act like a barrier. How to do it ? simple use the “Wi-fi sweet spot app on your phone now place your router best possible centric place in house and now visit every room in your house and start this app and it shall tell you exact coverage and speed it is getting from you router. Simple, isn’t it?


Who is Connected:  This is quite a common question and asked by almost every customer I visit is, can you check who is connected to our Wi-Fi? I found twice this year where a nerdy neighbour managed to connect my customer’s Wi-Fi and sucking speed and bandwidth.  You can login to your router to check who is connected to your network which requires a little know how or use the mobile app “Ping Tools” to see what devices are connected to your network.


Use QOS Feature: Stands for “Quality of Services” this feature can do a lot of things but what can make a difference in your life is bandwidth and speed limiting, to make it easy to understand by using this feature you can set quota on how many gigabyte max each user can consume plus what maximum speed they can use, for eg say you have cable broadband with capped bandwidth say 500Gb with 30mbps download speed. You can set it to, no device can consume above 50Gb with max speed of 8mbps. This kind of setup is ideal for multi user home or office or any sharing environment.


Range Extender: Everyone and I mean it everyone has blank spots in their homes and offices where network coverage is poor. Melbourne Geeks strongly recommend using range extenders in such situations. I know range extenders are known for cumbersome setup and compromised performance but in right hands not only these issues can be overcome your Wi-Fi performance can be increased to whole new level and make those blank spots history.


A lot more can be done to make your Wi-Fi stronger and better and these tips can be applied within an hour on most network. Feel free to contact support@melbournegeeks.com.au or visit  www.melbournegeeks.com.au to request support for your network and computer repair related tasks. Our IT services starts from $50+Gst per hour onsite. No call out fee and No fix No fee guaranteed.

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