We support all kind of Cloud Technologies, few of those are

  • Office 365, (we can help you with setup, migrate , maintenance and troubleshooting.)
  • Cloud Backup, (save your business and data from fire, flood, theft etc.)
  • File storage & sharing ( Need your data often? Enterprise sharing and collaboration with team members.)
  • Migrating your in house server to cloud. (save space , electricity bills, most importantly get peace of mind.)
  • CRM, Share Points, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Why choose us for cloud

  • We are personally using and selling cloud since its inception. adopting it early gave us opportunity to understand cloud inside out.
  • Since we have migrated so many companies to cloud, It won’t take us long to understand your existing infrastructure and proposing the most beneficial cloud setup for you.
  • With our experience we have learned, not all clouds are equal, hence we understand which cloud is suitable for small to medium businesses.


I was happy with my last IT company, till they recommended a technology upgrade to cloud costing $4500, I planned to take second opinion before upgrading because we were already paying $1500 a month for managed services. A friend of mine recommended Melbourne Geeks, upon talking Melbourne Geeks were happy to provide second opinion for fixed price of $120. Turned out to be my best decision of year 2016, From 5 in house servers reduce to 1 quite box, upgrade costed us only $700, saving $90 on electricity bill every month. Monthly maintenance is now $ 450. Using Melbourne Geeks from last 3 Months and strongly recommended.