Terms & Conditions

  • Basics Definitions

    In this condition

    • We, Us, Our, or Company means Melbourne Geeks
    • You, user, client means customer

    All service covered by T & C

    • These terms and conditions applies to every service or goods supplied by us, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.

    Nature of IT business

    • You acknowledge that due to nature of IT, not all the problem can be determined on the spot and may lead to increase repair cost at any point in time under repair.
    • You acknowledge a device or machines etc. may have more than one problem which is not reported to us at the time of booking a job and may not be a part of job we do for you and not covered in quote we may have provided.
    • You Acknowledge computers can be complex at times and may have issues which cannot be diagnosed upfront. You also acknowledge such problems which occurs after we start working on your machine or device may be separate from the work we performed for you and is in this manner outside the extent of our Service Guarantee.
  • Privacy policy


    • Our website use cookies in order to provide you faster and customize service


    • We may ask you to register on our website for various reasons like free advice, tips ordering a part or service and communications. In case where customer choose not to register, we may not be able to provide service.


    • We try our best to keep our website up and live all the time but in rare cases we may need to put the site down for updates and changes

    Security of information

    • We take extra precautions to make sure your personal information safely stored in our cloud servers under business grade encryption and can only be accessed by person responsible to use it for communication or billing etc.


    • We reserve the right to use or disclose you information where required by law and where we have all reasons to believe disclosure is required to protect our rights.


    • We only collect email address where customer provides them self or referred by an existing client. We may use the information to send you a newsletter, promotions and tips with a fair promise of not sending more than one such email in a calendar month and will always come with an option to unsubscribe.
    • Our promise to you we will not share your information under any circumstances to 3rd party.
    • We may share your information with our service provider and contractors in order to provide you a service requested by you.
  • Limited liability


    • Melbourne Geeks resell services and goods supplied or backed by third parties. Therefore we does not guarantee it to be free of defect or error and due to same, For what so ever reason Melbourne Geeks and its contractors will not be liable for loss of profit or cost related to business interruptions or loss to good will or loss of data etc.

    Data security, Backup

    • We, our agents and our contractors will not be liable for any kind of loss, deletion or corruption of data or inability to recover data stored on hard disk and storage products for e.g. computer and laptops etc.
    • It is customer’s responsibility to backup files or data before handing over the devices to us. Having said that Melbourne Geeks will spare no effort under our reasonable authority to recover your data but under any circumstance we cannot be held responsible for data loss.

    Repair notice

    • In rare cases, devices or parts presented for repairs may be exchanged by refurbished parts from same kind and type rather than to be repaired.

    Infection Repairs like Virus, Malware, Ransomware etc.

    • We like to back our work and actions but in very rare cases where user downloads illegal files, music, movies and stream or download pornography or commit online gambling in such cases there is no guarantee on virus and similar infection removal from machine and computers.

    Information and advise as is

    • We feel pride in providing 100% honest and best possible advise to our customer for free in most cases. Although the advice provided is best of our capability, you acknowledge that we cannot be held liable for any kind of loss due to advice given by us. Its customer sole discretion whether or not to accept the advise and act on it.
  • SLA and Basics

    • Remote support
      • Prepay remote support block. (Paid in advance for fix hours of support)
        • As basic, prepaid remote support block is purchased by full payment upfront and can only be used for remote support.
        • The time offered under prepay block can be consumed for as many computers as long as there is unconsumed time left in block.
        • Minimum billing for each ticket or issue is 15 min.
        • The prepay block comes with 2 months of validity and unused time cannot be carried forward.
        • Prepay hours are not valid for after hour service, after hours support will be billed separately.
        • The prepay block is for labor charge only and cannot be used to buy other services or parts.
      • Semi Managed IT Service.
        • The charge is per PC, per month with 6 months contract.
        • One Off On-boarding charge apply $120 every 3 computers.
        • This service only include 5 business hours remote support.
        • Onsite visits and after hours support will be charged separately.
        • This plan is for labor charge only and cannot be used to buy other services or parts.
        • Minimum billing for each ticket or issue is 15 minutes.
  • Onsite visits

    Onsite visits in business hours. Monday to Sunday 8.30AM to 6.30PM

    • Onsite visit are charged minimum of 50+GST per business hour.
    • After first hour time will be billed in 20 min block.
    • For customer’s peace of mind our onsite service is capped @ $150+GST (Per Pc)
    • Minimum 4 hours ultimatum is required to cancel an onsite appointment, failing to do so will cost you in minimum of 1 hour visit charge.

    Onsite visits in after hours. Monday to Sunday 6.30 PM to 8.30 AM

    • Onsite visit are charged minimum of 75+GST per after hour.
    • After first hour time will be billed in 30 min block.
    • Minimum 4 hours ultimatum is required to cancel an onsite appointment, failing to do so will cost you in minimum of 1 hour visit charge.
  • Free Services / promotions. Voucher

    30 Min free IT support promotion voucher.

    • One voucher per business or household.
    • Extra time consumed will be billed separately but this optional client can choose not to continue.
    • For residential customers, Free voucher is only valid for walk in or remote support
    • For Business User, free voucher can be used for onsite visit or remote support or walk in.
    • Click here to know how to use your voucher.
  • Walk Ins

    • Walk-ins are by appointment only.
    • Walk-ins facility is only available in business hours.

    Same day visit

    • For guaranteed same day visit, client should book an appointment no later than 10am. We welcome you to call anytime for same day visits but we cannot guarantee its availability.

    Workmanship Guarantee

    • We spare no effort to make sure our customers are 100% happy with our service, but for whatever reason if situation arise where you are not satisfied with our job we promise to redo the job until you are satisfied.
    • Although it’s extremely rare where a job goes out of capability and our customers are not 100% satisfied after our multiple attempts, we will happily return the money in full for your service you paid to Melbourne Geeks. (does not apply to parts)

    No Fix No Fee Guarantee

    • In a scenario where we are unable to provide you with a solution to your problem we promise we will not charge you for our time but In circumstances where client deny to go ahead with the job for whatever reason, you are bound to pay our labor charge.
  • Quotes & Billing

    Ownership of product / passing of property

    • Until payment is received in full and final by Melbourne Geeks the goods supplied to client, remains the property of Melbourne Geeks and can claimed back any point in time.
    • In rare cases, we may without notice enter any premises where we suspect unpaid or partially paid good supplied by us are stored to recover them and for this reason you irreversibly permit us to enter such premises and should and indemnify us from and against all costs, claims, emerging from such activity.
    • There are no free or complementary visits hence we will charge for all our visits and they are charged as minimum of 1 hour’s onsite visit charge and 30 min block billing after that.
    • Our visits charges are only labor charge and parts are billed separately (if any used)

    Payment dues and charges / payment method.

    • All the parts supplied by Melbourne Geeks are strictly cash on delivery unless otherwise agreed in written
    • All jobs and services provided by us are instantly due upon completion of work and should be paid on the spot unless otherwise agreed.
    • Credit card payment incur processing charge of 2% for Visa and Master card and 3.5% for American express and diners club.
    • If cheque issued or provided by customer is dishonored for any reason, the invoice stands due and needs to be paid in cash immediately plus the dishonored fee of $40 per cheque.

    Quotes , special order

    • A quote is valid for only 15 days from the date of issue.
    • You acknowledge that we are not stockist for computer parts and accessory and we source parts from our dedicated suppliers and because of same we reserve full authority to cancel any quote issued by us with reasonable reasons like, No stock available with dealer at the time of order.
    • Any special order request made by customer, legally bound the customer to purchase the part within 3 days of availability with us.

    Unpaid invoice

    • Due unpaid invoice will incur a late payment charge of $15 and compound interest of 2% on total amount weekly till the invoice is paid in full and final.

    Unclaimed Goods

    • Equipment and goods not claimed by customer within 45 days from the date handed over to us (repaired or unrepaired) in such scenario client gives us full right to dispose of equipment to save on space and recover any money owing to us without notifying the client.

    Parts warranty / software / restocking

    • Software once open cannot be return because of licensing issues.
    • Parts returns after an invoice is been raised will incur a restocking fee of 25% on total amount of invoice(s)
    • Our effort is to recommend and supply best quality parts to our customer but customer acknowledge that we are not manufactures and have no control over quality of parts and does not guarantee the suitability of parts to any particular purpose or scenario.
    • For warranty purposes client acknowledge that we are mere supplier of parts and not the manufacturer hence in some cases client need to deal directly with manufacturer for warranty or guarantee purposes. In most cases we are happy to help and deal with manufacturer for our customers.
    • Client acknowledge that physically abused or damaged parts are not covered under warranty.
    • For parts warranty or guarantee, Client is responsible for returning the parts to our head office.
    • In situation where a part supplied by us go faulty and is eligible for replacement. Client acknowledge a labor charge will still apply to uninstall and reinstallation of part.


        • We don’t issue refund on web hosting service and backup service unless we are discontinuing the service.
        •  Prepay service block hours are non-refundable.
        • Onsite visits and remote support are eligible for refund on special circumstances where our multiple attempts could not solve the issue and client satisfaction is not achieved.
  • Customer’s Responsibility

        • Client is responsible to back up their files are data before handing over the machine and equipment for repairs.
        • Client understand that Melbourne Geeks is not responsible for any kind of user training for parts or equipment supplied by us. Although in every case we are happy to answer all the question but client should consider this as privilege.
        • Client need to report any error or issue within 3 days of goods supplied or services rendered.
        • Client is responsible to provide and keep all the necessary information handy like disks, license keys, credentials etc. for any job they book with us to utilize the technician’s time fully.
        • In many cases we reuse the existing licenses to reinstall software back on client’s computer and client takes full responsibility on authenticity of such licenses. Melbourne Geeks will not be liable for any software counterfeiting issues which may arise after reinstallation.
        • Customer is responsible to provide safe and healthy working environment to our technician visiting your home or office etc.
        • Client acknowledge, the billing period begin as soon our technician enter their premises.
        • Client is obligated and bound by law to pay our invoice promptly on completion of job and on delivery of parts etc.
  • Risk and Insurance

    • Once equipment is delivered at clients premises it becomes client responsibility and we are not liable for any liable for any risk.
    • We take every precaution to keep our clients property safe and has never failed in this promise so far.  But in circumstances which is out of our hands like natural disaster, burglary, fire etc. Melbourne Geeks will only be liable to pay the price equal to product’s market value. In any situation we will not be liable for any kind of data or information loss.
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