Not many small to medium businesses understand the importance of hiring a professional IT company to move your technology stuff to new office. In this article we will give you brief idea of Common Myths, Why hire professionals and Service we offer.

So why small businesses take IT relocation lightly? For a simple reason, they don’t fully anticipate their dependability on IT.  Most small and medium companies rely on outsourced IT services for their day to day operations and this leads to close to nil information how their technology works.

Common Myths

  • Moving IT means disconnect the hardware from current office and put it back in new office.
  • Everything is working fine in existing office and it will remain same when moved to new office.
  • We can do it ourselves over the weekend.
  • Let’s move out everything and decide what goes where in new office.

Why hire professional?

  • Professionals can anticipate issue in advance like,
    • how to prevent downtime for servers hosted in house.
    • If any of your devices or services has geo locks.
    • Take a recent backup, for a situation where something happens to hardware while moving.
  • Professionals can work out what best can be achieved from new office which you couldn’t in current office, like
    • Faster internet connection.
    • Networking for smart devices like wireless cctv, security systems.
    • IP telephony, better Wi-Fi coverage, enough data points at every desk etc.

Services we offer.

  • Uninstallation, packing, moving, reinstallation for all IT gears.
  • Training for any new technology used.
  • Coordinate with existing service provider like Internet and Telephone.
  • Decommissioning old technology.
  • Technology performance evaluation old vs new office.
  • Network design, Implementation, Cabling.
  • Vendor management. Infrastructure documentation.

We can help you by making your relocation as painless as possible no matter how small or big your company is. From 1 computer office to 500 computers hire

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