Offsite backup

Your computer backup on cloud, it means backup files don’t occupy space in your computer. Let it run fast and healthy

Safe from fire flood and theft

Even if you have successful onsite backup, it’s still prone to man-made and natural disasters. Our Cloud backup facility is fully secured against fire flood and theft

Automated scheduled backup

Keep forgetting to start your backup manually, our pc backup starts and stops automatically. Schedule it to run after hours and automatically shut down the machine after its done.

Status Notification fail pass

Majority of users who has existing backup are not sure if it’s still running. Our technology keeps you informed via email for failed and successful backup.

Access anywhere anytime

Outside office? Wants to access the file you worked on yesterday, no problem since it’s been backed up automatically, now you can access it from anywhere by logging in our portal.

File restore momentarily

Accidentally deleted a file, no problem you don’t need to wait for your tech guys to restore your file. Simply restore directly from your backup application.

Military grade encryption (Or private encryption)

We use the same technology broadly used by banks and army to secure their data
Means no one can decrypt your files not even government or our employees.

Versioning (explain)

You drafted a big report and your colleague messed up by making unnecessary changes to it? No issues, cloud backup allows you to download the previous version of files from existing backup.

Understand the Necessity of maintaining Computer Backup

The key advantage of keeping computer backup on cloud platform benefits you immensely because your data is more safe and available anywhere anytime. From security point of view home computer are more prone for hacking and security compare to cloud backup because data in cloud backup is encrypted at military grade level and local windows backup and mac backup are not encrypted at all.

By using our computer backup services, you can be benefitted by free consultancy session, free remote installation and setup for limited period. We can also provide cloud free solution for compliance purposes and disaster recovery.

Why buy from us

  • No contract, cancel anytime you wish.
  • Free install and setup for limited period.
  • We are local, can be contacted anytime
  • Our product is really easy to use.

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